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Q&A - clair® air tonic

What is clair® air tonic?

clair® air tonic is a one-of-a-kind thyme product for dispersion in room air using ultrasonic cold nebulisation. The innovative formula ensures optimal distribution and effectiveness of the ingredients in the air. The room climate is improved with lasting effect.

What ingredients does clair® air tonic contain?

clair® air tonic contains the following ingredients: Thyme extract, fruit and vegetable concentrates, triglycerides, ascorbic acid, glycerin, polysorbates, water.

What effect does clair® air tonic have?

clair® air tonic is dispersed in indoor air using ultrasonic technology. The gentle nebulisation process produces finely dispersed droplets that evenly distribute throughout the room, releasing thyme's active ingredients into the air for an extended period of time thanks to our special formula.

The full power of thyme – in every breath.
clair® air tonic - Thyme at its best.

How does it differ from the traditional use of essential oils and/or aroma therapy?

In most cases, essential oils are used in aroma lamps. When heated, the volatile ingredients of the oils quickly vaporise and become noticeable to the senses. However, these molecules change when they come into contact with the oxygen in the air rapidly losing their function and effect. Other ingredients in the oils remain in the aroma lamp and are not released into the air at all.

While using an ultrasonic diffuser with water and essential oils captures all the ingredients from the oils in the droplets, the efficacy also diminishes rapidly in this case due to oxidation.

With clair® air tonic, all ingredients in thyme are protected thanks to its unique formula. Only upon contact with the droplets are they released and able to exert their effect.

What does clair® air tonic smell like?

clair® air tonic captures the essence of thyme. Lightly spiced notes combine with more sweeter nuances to create a harmonious presence in the room. A fragrance that only nature can create.

What makes thyme so special?

Thyme is a special plant with exceptional properties; it has been used for countless generations in Europe. These effects have now also been investigated and proven on the basis of scientific standards.

How long can I get by with one bottle of clair® air tonic?

Depending on how often you use it, a bottle of clair® air tonic will last for ca. 80 - 100 hours.

What is the recommended room size for clair® air tonic?

Our diffuser is intended for use in rooms of up to 30m² in size. Multiple diffusers can be combined for larger rooms.

Does clair® air tonic have an expiration date?

clair® air tonic has a shelf life of at least 1 year. Once opened, the bottle contents should be used up within 3 months.

Is clair® air tonic safe for children and pets?

All ingredients in clair® air tonic are naturally occurring and have undergone strict quality controls. If used properly, clair® air tonic poses to risk to children or pets. However, given that it is not intended to be consumed, it should be stored out of the reach of children.

Where is clair® air tonic manufactured?

Our clair® air tonic is manufactured and bottled in Germany.

Can I drink clair® air tonic?

No. clair® air tonic is only designed for use with the enclosed diffuser.

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Q&A ultrasonic diffuser

Where is the best place to set up the diffuser?

In the living room, bedroom, bathroom, wherever you want. As it is
battery operated, you can set it up in any room you are
in. Placing it in a central location in the room ensures optimal dispersion.

How many ml of clair® air tonic does the diffuser hold?

The diffuser holds max. 50ml of clair® air tonic, indicated by a marking on the liquid container. Please note that the maximum filling level may not be exceeded as the device will no longer function properly and, under certain circumstances, this may result in damage to the diffuser (also see the operating instructions).

Can the diffuser be operated without a cable?

Yes! The charge of the ultrasonic diffuser’s battery lasts 7h. Before using it for the first time, however, it should be charged once for 6h. If the diffuser is empty, a LED on the back will blink. Then it has to be recharged.

How long can the device be used when plugged in and when in battery operation?

When plugged in, it can be operated for up to 10 hours and, when battery powered, for up to 7 hours.

How can I clean the diffuser?

Our clair® air tonic is manufactured using deionised water, so all you have to do is rinse out the diffuser tank with clean water and, if necessary, wipe it out with a damp cloth. In the process, make sure that no water enters the vents. Then let it dry and the ultrasonic diffuser is ready for operation. Now all you have to do is refill it with our clair® air tonic and turn it on.

What should I do if the flame is no longer clearly visible?

First make sure that the LED dimmer is activated. A button is located on the front side above the ON/OFF button, it can be set to normal, dimmed and deactivated. Push it until the flame is at full strength.

The diffuser blinks and switches off. What now?
  1. Disconnect the charging cable and switch the diffuser off.
  2. Empty the water tank and rinse it out with lukewarm water.
  3. Connect the charging cable to the diffuser again.
  4. Hold the LED button & ON/OFF button for 2-3 seconds.
  5. The LED should now blink four times.
  6. Fill the water tank and switch the diffuser back on
I already have an ultrasonic diffuser. Can I also use it for clair® air tonic?

Generally speaking, clair® air tonic can be used with other ultrasonic diffusers as long as their membrane is not supplied via a wick system. If the membrane of your diffuser is located under the liquid to be filled, it can also be used for clair® air tonic.

The ultrasonic diffuser in our clair® Welcome Set is designed for the most common room sizes of up to ca. 30m². Using a different diffuser may, in some cases, significantly increase the amount of clair® air tonic dispersed, causing an overly intense fragrance experience, although this is completely harmless. We recommend dispersing approximately 0.1ml/m³/h.