The Clair Organics Team

We, the Clair Organics Team, have been working with the leading technologies for stabilizing and enhancing natural ingredients for years. Our research focuses on the use of substances that can be made available to the human body through indoor air. In this respect, we utilise dispersion technology, which is also used in the fields of medical hygiene and disinfection.

The product clair® air tonic was developed when a colleague with a stubborn cough began drinking thyme tea daily to strengthen her immune system. A discussion of the ingredients and the thyme’s broad range of effects led to extensive research. As a result, we were all fascinated by this plant and its applications. Our goal was to harness the benefits of thyme without having to constantly prepare tea for everyone, which led us to utilise our expertise in aerosol research to enrich indoor air with all the active ingredients of thyme.

Ongoing tests and scientific investigations have confirmed the effectiveness of our approach, culminating in the development of our clair® air tonic, a market-ready product scheduled for release at the end of 2022.

The result:

State-of-the-art dispersion technology combined with ultrasonic diffusion.

Thyme at its best.

clair® air tonic

clair® air tonic